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CeeCee-Content | 27 November 2020

Can red brick be vibrant and cheerful? The freshly decorated Berlin Decks façade proves it can!

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Events | 09 November 2020

For the young theater collective Ogalala Kreuzberg, the pandemic presented an opportunity to address the idea of social distancing in a physical...

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Events | 08 October 2020

It’s a small miracle how Berlin Art Week was able to pull off their festival this year: familiar faces, favorite artists and countless events...

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News | 04 September 2020

If the walls at Berlin Decks could talk, what would they say?

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News | 14 August 2020

Black, beige, pink and neon orange: walking towards the Spree canal you can't miss the striking colors and logo of Berlin Decks...

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Events | 03 July 2020

The concept of 1:1 Concerts couldn't be simpler: you, the listener, sit opposite a musician and spend the next ten minutes in their company as they...

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